In a world plagued by both overconsumption and overproduction of food products which adheres to the rules of the Wild West, three friends who share legitimate concerns about the future and common concerns will try to find solutions and be part of the solution, not the problem.
In a world where there are twice as many cows as people and yet half of humanity is plagued by malnutrition, it is proven every day that increasing production is not a solution to the food problem but rather part of the problem, as it promotes overconsumption.
In such a world, we try to provide solutions by promoting organic production and presenting product lines that promote a balanced diet. In this way we aim to improve the quality of food and reduce the ecological cost of its production.


We are able to consult a food company in the area of creating and supporting

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-  Sales department

  • Supervision and guidance to achieve the objective.
  • Monthly progress report against production targets.
  • Improving and organizing the sales department processes.
  • Improving the efficiency of the sales and product management departments.
  • Client Catalogue Development.
  • Sales Argumentation - Competitive Advantages.
  • Managing customer objections and developing the ability to think dynamically in the field and change a difficult situation in the seller's favor.
  • Having ability to learn information from the customer with a methodology of great effectiveness.
  • Training of export department development.


-  Purchasing department

  • Participating in exhibitions and developing a network of suppliers adapted to the specific needs of each company.
  • Learning the right reaction to the needs of the research and development department depending on the situation.
  • Passing on our experience in being able to evaluate a new supplier or a new product.

-  Research and Development

  • Studying your business, in terms of the product mix in relation to the performance of your objectives and the dynamics it presents.
  • Proposing to enrich the product range with new products accompanied by an analysis, investment costs, payback period and prospects.
  • Developing recipes, tests and final samples tailored to your needs.
  • Branding creation, legality verification of packaging labelling.
  • Creating bio-functional foods according to the latest nutrition trends.
  • Enriching the existing products with innovative ingredients that will add to them unique sales proposals having health or nutrition claims.
  • Developing specialty nutrition products and formulating them in a way that guarantees strong market penetration and sales.



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